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Secure the future of the Musée:

  • By quadrupling the actual area of the Musée
  • By bringing its exhibition and storage spaces into compliance with international standards

Assure the preservation of the RCA Victor recording studio

  • By restoring the recording studio and returning it to its original dimensions
  • By integrating the VICTOR studio into the Musée des ondes Emile Berliner in order to diversify its activities

Salle du studio Victor

THE RCA recording studio (STUDIO VICTOR)

Studio VICTOR is intimately tied to the history if the audio industry in Canada.  It operates the historic RCA recording studio built in 1943.  It is the only surviving and still functioning example of an iconic studio design created prior to World War II at RCA Laboratories.  It uses a system of acoustical treatment made up of rounded shapes called polycylindrical diffusers.  The acoustic experience in this room, with its walls covered by rounded wood shapes is unique. The principles of diffusion, absorption and diffraction of sound are the same as those found in the construction of a high quality acoustical musical instrument.

The integration of Studio VICTOR and the RCA Studio into the Musée will assure the preservation of this part of our technological heritage and will allow the Musée to offer a wide variety of new and educational experiences to its visitors.

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