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Mission du musée

The Mission

Founded in 1992, the Emile Berliner Musée des Ondes is a private non-profit corporation administered by a board of directors. As a permanent institution, the Museum's mission is to collect, preserve, curate, research, depict, and exhibit audio artifacts, interpreting their significance — scientific and technical, social and cultural, historic and economic — to Quebec, Canada and the world i.e. made available to the widest possible public. The aim is to educate and inspire the public interested in audio and recording.

The Museum has a particular interest in businesses arising from Emile Berliner's work and their local, national and international impact.

The Museum acquires,  restores and exhibits the most significant objects of international scope for research and the public's enjoyment and fulfills all the traditional Museum functions: conservation, acquisition, education, research, cultural activities, exhibition, and documentation.




The Emile Berliner Musée des Ondes was incorporated in 1992. The five founding members immediately started looking for a place to house the museum. Emile Berliner's manufacturing site, the old RCA building in St. Henri (Montreal) was the obvious choice and became the first major partner of the Museum by agreeing to host an entire segment of the Museum's history for free . The Mandate of the museum was and is to collect, study and display the history of the audio industry from a technological, scientific and cultural point of view. The dynamism and dedication of the Museum's team of volunteers has ensured the realization of many exhibitions from the very beginning.

Four years after the founding, in 1996, the Museum officially opened to the public with its first exhibition: "From the Gramophone to the Satellite". Since then, the Museum has mounted a new exhibition every year. In addition the Museum has expanded its initiatives, including writing a collecting policy and starting a newsletter for members. Today, the Emile Berliner Musée des Ondes turns an important page in its history as it is about to acquire the tools necessary for the full accomplishment of its mission.

Soon, the institution will expand its exhibit space bringing its to international standards.  Studio VICTOR (which resides in the same building) a state of the art studio dating from the 1940s, will also be integrated into the Musée. The Museum will then be positioned as an important cultural and scientific center in Canada and an absolute must see in Saint-Henri.