Les Journées de la culture 2016 à Montréal

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At the Musée des Ondes Emile Berliner

1. Montreal in space: Explore! Music of the space age

Take out your gadget and scan our selection of space inspired music. Game activity.

In connection with our current exhibition on "Montreal in space" and the advent of space technology in Montreal we have developed a fun activity that explains how pop music was influenced by the exploration of our universe.

13+ years, Fr-Sun 2 :00 – 5 :00

2. Let the needle dance

Play old 78, 33 and 45 discs on a gramophone or turntable.

We play historic recordings from 78 to 33 turns. You can learn about the history of sound recording in Montreal in the environment where it took place.

Sat. One tour each hour, meeting is at 2:00, 3:00 and 4:00 at the museum.

3. You think you have talent?

Listen and decorate your own 45 record cover

We give you a 45 music record, we help you to put the needle on the groove, you listen and get inspired. Never done that? You will see, its fun and you can go home with your own artwork that keeps your new record save.

7 – 12 years, Fr-Sun 2 :00 – 5 :00