Soleils Levants: Celebrating Black History Month

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Musée des ondes Emile Berliner – Lecture at the Saint Henri Library
4707 Notre-Dame ouest, Montréal
Speaker : Jean-Pierre Sévigny
February 26th, 2:00 p.m.
Entrance free, in French

Mois histoire des noirs

For the 26th edition of the Black History Month, the Musée des ondes Emile Berliner will present a lecture honoring artists of Caribbean origin. These inspiring musicians and entrepreneurs have left their mark on Montreal’s music scene and on the history of Canadian music.

Jean-Pierre Sévigny specialized in music history and Canadian popular culture. He studied at Laval University, UQAM and at Carleton University, where he contributed to the research for the “Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World”. Mr. Sévigny’s interests are the preservation and documentation of Canada’s musical heritage. In 2005, he founded Gala, a record company dedicated to heritage recordings. Mr. Sévigny was administrator and curator for many exhibitions of the Musée des Ondes Emile Berliner in Montreal.

Montréal Sud-Ouest The lecture enjoys the support of the South-West borough of Montreal.