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Magic of Waves in Saint-Henri

Gramophone Model A plus Nipper the dog

Period: Permanent

Under the watchful eye of the dog Nipper, the hero of the Berliner Trademark, the permanent exhibition is an open reserve accessible to the public. You will find more than 400 objects well presented in this exhibition. Most of the objects are related to the history of 1001 Lenoir Street, which for 17 years was the world headquarters of the world’s first music industry, the Berliner Gram-o-phone Company. In the exhibition you can learn about the history of the record industry, get acquainted with the industrial development of gramophone, radio, television, technical equipment up to the development of satellites. These technologies, which have changed the world, have their roots here in the RCA Building.

In addition to the Berliner Gram-o-phone Company installed in this building between 1907 and 1924, the Victor Talking Machine Company of Canada took over between 1924 and 1929. When this company was acquired by Radio Corporation of America (RCA) it merged to form RCA Victor. RCA ceased global operations in 1986. RCA Canada Limited had previously sold part of its operations to Spar Aerospace, a Canadian space technology company. Between 1973 and 1978, the RCA of Saint Henri moved to a new factory in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue. In 2005, MacDonald, Detwiller and Associates (MDA) from BC, Canada, took over the production of space technology. MDA continues to this day to produce satellites, technologies for ground stations and space rovers.