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A Century of History of Audio and Broadcasting

Period: From August 20, 1997 until December 1999

Few people know that Montreal was one of the hubs of the sound and recording industry in the last century, a great story to which the Musée des Ondes Emile Berliner invites us. Visit of an institution which conceals real treasures.
Some may remember the dog Nipper, the one we saw listening to the voice of his master in the horn of a gramophone, and who gave the famous slogan “His Master’s Voice”.
It is this story, among other things, that the Musée des Ondes Émile Berliner reminds us of, a tiny museum that tells a great story, that of recording, broadcasting sound and telecommunications. A story in which Montreal occupies a large place, particularly in the first half of the 20th century when the metropolis was a bit like Canada’s Silicon Valley.
A text by Marie-France Abastado at Désautels le dimanche.

Article published on the Radio-Canada Web site (French):
La grande histoire du son à Montréal au Musée des ondes Émile Berliner

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