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Design Montreal RCA, The Sixties and the Seventies

Exhibition design Montréal

Period: Year 2019

With the Expo ’67, industrial design in Canada was in full swing. Many Canadians were among the designers, that blossomed during the summer of the “Man and his world”. Now, 50 years later, the MOEB celebrates a comeback of this era, rich in dashing creations.

From that moment on, stereo systems featured a futuristic vibe, and at the MOEB you can experience many of these beautiful pieces following this trend. There are renowned talents such as Gordon Duern and Keith McQuarrie, creators of the “Apollo” series for Electrohome in Kitchener, in Toronto works Hugh Spencer on the creation of the “Project G” for Clairtone, and here in Montreal, Andre Morin catapults with his “forma” design RCA Victor into the space age. These objects by Canadian designers are yet another contribution to the world heritage of the 20th century.

Financed by the Musée des ondes Emile Berliner.