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Montreal in space

Montréal in space

Period: From May 8, 2016 to March 17, 2017

World War II only lasted 6 years, but it literally transformed Canadian society.  Over the course of those years, the country became an important industrial producer with an enviable position on the world stage.

This transformation was very visible in Montreal, which at the time was still the metropolis of Canada.  Many local businesses experienced unprecedented expansion through the war effort.  This brought with it the promise of a bright future for the city.

The situation was particularly promising in the technology sector.  Many companies saw their assets increase during this period, as well as the scientific expertise of their employees.  Such was the case with RCA Victor of Canada whose operations were located in the Saint-Henri borough.

In just a few years, RCA Victor went from a company primarily focused on the entertainment industry producing radios and record players, to a major high-tech business enterprise.  Along with other companies like Canadian Marconi, Westinghouse, Northern Electric, and Bell, RCA Victor would soon participate in the development of a new era of scientific development.